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Collect or buy small objects

Loose Parts: Foster Creativity & Build Fine Motor Skills with Reggio Emilia Inspired Play

Forget buying expensive, high-tech toys for your kids. Take a note from the Reggio Emilia philosophy and encourage your child’s creativity, problem solving skills and fine motor development with everyday objects and collections. What are loose parts? Loose parts are exactly what they sound like – a collection of loose materials or objects for kids to play […]

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writing center resources

Simple Strategies to Make Writing Workshop More Fun

Writing workshop is a great way to get students immersed in the writing process, but the same old routine everyday can cause kids to lose inspiration. In addition, the long block of continuous, usually independent, writing can be agonizing for some students. While many teachers have to follow a strict curriculum, just adding in a few […]

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baby on toy laptop

The Unconventional Handwriting Guide (Part III): Modern Toys are Ruining Your Child’s Handwriting

Nothing beats unstructured outdoor play for improving handwriting skills. However, there are a lot of other simple changes you can make in your child’s daily routine and indoor environment to promote the development of fine motor skills. Toys and day to day life at home used to provide lots opportunities for children’s fine motor growth. But suddenly we are seeing […]

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muddy hands

The Unconventional Handwriting Guide (Part II): Less Sports, More Dirt.

“Any OT will tell you that the foundation for fine motor skills lies in strength and stability of the core… plenty of gross motor play and time on playground equipment outside is really important for handwriting.” – Rachel Coley, OT, CanDo Kiddo When I was little we had a huge tree fall down in our front […]

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The Unconventional Guide to Improving Handwriting Skills (Part I): Put the Pencil Down and Get Outside

Worried about future handwriting issues? Have your toddler do planks! Although Reagan loves to watch, imitate and mostly get in the way of my husband’s daily core routine, my toddler has not yet mastered the plank. However she does spend a lot of time running, climbing up on and over everything and navigating the stairs on […]

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