Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

I wouldn’t be here today without the work and support of so many teachers.


I am so thankful for my childhood teachers and college professors but also the teachers that I’ve met in my adult life:

  • the director of my teacher training program at Lesley University & BB&N who challenged and supported me as I began my career
  • the principal at my first ever teaching job who visited my classroom late one evening to tell me how much she appreciated my hard work
  • the parent, special education professor and founder at my first school who gave me the self-confidence to be an amazing teacher – not to mention countless invaluable advice
  • the 1st grade teachers who hugged and welcomed me as the newcomer into their school
  • my colleagues who have inspired me, supported me and been a shoulder to cry on when you just can’t get through to that one child

How to appreciate your child’s teacher

how to appreciate your child's teacher

What can you do this week to appreciate your child’s teacher? Buying a gift is easy for time-pressed parents and I have put many to good use – gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, Target or the local deli.

But if you really want to know the truth…

I’m not a fan of teacher knick-knacks as they are mostly corny and cluttering, any money given to me is usually spent on classroom books or materials and I’ve been feeding my husband all your delicious homemade cookies each week because gluten makes me violently ill.

However, the best gifts you can give are often simple gestures that show how much you and your child care about your teacher:

Spend 5 min talking to your child’s teacher

  •  Ask your child’s teacher about his or her life or kids
  • Tell an anecdote about your child that shows that your child is thinking about the teacher outside of school or applying things learned in class

Help the teacher out

  • Bring your teacher a coffee to show that you know how tiring it is to be with children all day
  • During field trips politely step in when you see the teacher is overwhelmed with a particular student and having trouble keeping an eye on the others

Send photos and handmade cards

handwritten cards

We do love your kids and want meaningful momentos to remember them by.

I framed a piece of artwork from one of my students because it reminds me of his creativity and artistic skill even though he struggled with language goals the whole year.

What teachers have made a big impact in your life?

Make sure you a thank a teacher this week who made an impact in your life or your child’s life. It doesn’t matter whether it was 5, 10 or 30 years ago – that teacher will remember and smile.

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